About Us

About Us

Our Clinic:

About Us The Markham clinic (serving Greater Toronto and environs) is one of the many Chen family health care facilities to be found worldwide. Currently we are offering clinics in Canada and China, with plans to provide facilities in the U.S. in the near future.

We treat Hemorrhoids AND RELATED RECTAL CONDITIONS (Fistulas, Fissures, Anal Itching, Polyps and Crohn's Disease) with a 100% pure herbal combination that is completely unique to our practice. Some cases may also require acupuncture. Over Three Million cases have been successfully treated by us in this manner since 1979 worldwide.

Our home centre is the "Xi-An Han-Shen Zai Hemorrhoid and Fistula Hospital," which is located at 64 Han-Shen Road in Xi-An City, China. It was founded in 1979 by Dr. Chen Guoyi, the fourth-generational descendent of the famous Chen medical family, based in Si-Chuan. There are eighty beds in this special hospital, which boasts an elegant therapeutic environment and abundant technical resources.

Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Our president Dr. Chen Guoyi painstakingly researched five generations of proprietary medical formulations and mixtures, merging modern high-tech chemistry with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The active ingredients in our proprietary treatments dry up the "root" of the Hemorrhoid, helping the patient heal it naturally by blocking the venous flow, while simultaneously expelling "toxins" and "dampness" from the body. (To use the terms of Traditional Chinese Medicine or "TCM").

While more labour-intensive and requiring a time commitment from the patient, this is an ideal therapeutic method because it not only treats the symptoms, but also the actual cause/source of the complaint — with an over 98% cure rate!

Advantages of this approach include less pain, no need for surgery, a comparatively short course of treatment, and a very low likelihood of recurrence. In the past thirty years, there have been over Three Million cases from China and all over the world, cured in our hospital and clinic.

Research and Collaboration:

We are proud to boast of over fifty collaborative medical organizations that have worked with us to refine and perfect this unique approach to rectal care — including the Hong Kong International Institute of Knotty Diseases Research, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bei Jing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shang Hai Guo-Bin Medical Centre, The affiliated hospital of Tian Jin Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute, The Medical college of Columbia University of USA, Yu Hua Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital of Singapore, and the Zheng Wen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospitals of South Korea.

We have been commended directly by the leadership of the Ministry of Health of China.

Founder's Bio

Dr. Chen Guoyi is well-known in China (after translation) as "The Eradicator" of Piles and Fistula. Dr. Chen Guoyi, born in Luzhou, Sichuan, is the 4th-generational exponent of the famous selfsame Chinese medical family. He made up his mind as a boy to dedicate himself to the core tenet of Chinese Medicine, ie, the "Mastering of Great Skills to Alleviate the Suffering of Patients" (lit. trans.).

He perfected his unique treatment method for piles and fistula when he was just eighteen; then moved to Xian, and founded the first "Piles and Fistula Clinic" in Hansenzhai. Word of mouth quickly made the Chen treatment known throughout the country. By 1980, he had cured tens of thousands of cases of Piles and Fistulas.

Subsequently, the Xian Government specifically encouraged the establishment of The Xian Piles and Fistula Hospital with Mr. Chen Guoyi as the president. He was later awarded a public honor for "Excellence" in Medical Technology and Development.

Titles awarded Dr. Chen Guoyi include: Director of Piles and Fistula Department, Traditional Medicine Division of Beijing Chinese Medicine University; President of Piles and Fistula Hospital in Xian, China; Chief Physician of China Oriental Hospital; and Appointed Receiving Expert for German Tourist Group of National Ministry of Sanitary.

Dr. Chen Guoyi also organized the Anorectal Medical Workers Training Base, mandated for scientific research in establishing pharmaceutical enterprises, as well as forming a medical network or support link for Piles- and Fistula-related diseases. In recent years, President Chen has been invited to give lectures in Hongkong, Singapore, Spain, Canada and America on the topic of promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine worldwide.

The Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Guobiao Medical Centre, the Medical School of University Columbia of America, the Medical School of Chinese University (Hongkong), and the Zhengwen Chinese Medical Hospital of Korea have all introduced his techniques in piles and fistula treatment; and all successfully established branch hospitals for the treatment of piles and fistula in cooperation with Dr. Chen. His son, Dr. Alan Chen, proudly carries this mastery into the fifth generation of healing.